Macomb County Truck Accident Attorneys

Have You Been Injured in a Truck Accident?

Were you driving your own vehicle or your employers’ vehicle when you had your truck accident? Were you hit by a truck owned by a commercial company? These are important questions, and can have a great impact on the rights and benefits you are entitled to. Call us at (586) 779-7810 and let us explain why this is so important.

If you are sitting at home injured, you don’t want to be victimized a second time by losing time from work and wondering how you are going to get bills paid. Call us today and we will explain the benefits you are entitled to when making a claim to an insurance company. We provide this service at no cost and we will explain your rights to benefits such as medical treatment, wage loss, and replacement services.

We understand that a truck or car accident will cause a significant amount of pain and disruption to your life. Stop losing sleep, wondering about what you can do, call us today at (586) 779-7810.

A a victim, you have a right to lifetime medical coverage for your injuries from your accident. Car Insurance companies may need to compensate you for lost wages, medical bills and other medical expenses such as medications, medical equipment, staff and even the cost of transportation.

Don’t allow yourself to be victimized again by the insurance company. Let us help you by informing you of your rights. ONLY if your insurance company refuses to pay your benefits will you have to hire us to fight for your benefits and ONLY if we win, will you have to pay us an attorney fee.

Has your insurance company treated you unfairly?

Call us at (586) 779-7810. We are here to help you, answer any questions and help you get your life back in order. We have a NO FEE IF NO RECOVERY POLICY!

Having a personal injury lawyer on your side from day one is crucial. Today, more and more car insurance companies are adversarial with their customers when it comes to providing them the benefits they are entitled to. Telephone us today at (586) 779-7810 and let one of our Auto accident attorneys help you get what you deserve.

Most cases settle without going to trial, but insurance companies will pay more money to settle your case when you are represented by experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable auto accident attorneys.