Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Attorney – Part 1

Don’t Hire the “Wizard of Oz” for your Auto Accident Attorney

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Hello, my name is Bob Garvey. I’m the president of the firm of Thomas, Garvey and McKenna. You’re probably here because you clicked on the portion of our website that said, Wizard of Oz and you’re probably wondering, what the heck does the Wizard of Oz have to do with my automobile accident?

Well, it has a lot to do with your automobile accident because if you were injured and you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, you need to understand something about the state of affairs in Michigan as it relates to specialization of lawyers.

First of all, we don’t have specialization in Michigan. It does not exist. It’s not like if you had a neck problem, you would go to a specialist, an orthopedic surgeon, or a neurosurgeon, and you could look on the web, and you would see that these people are board-certified in these areas of medicine. We don’t have that in Michigan for lawyers. Anyone right out of law school can say I’m a personal injury lawyer that handles automobile accidents in the state of Michigan because they can. So, there is no certification of specialties in Michigan.

So, what does that allow them to do? That allows them to advertise and to create a situation where you may have false confidence in somebody. Just because they’re on a billboard and they say, we handle automobile accident cases, doesn’t mean that they’ve handled a lot of them, or even any of them. All they have to say is I’m a lawyer. I would like to have your automobile accident case.

So, the reason we have it under Wizard of Oz is, remember in the movie, I’m sure that there’s not a person alive who hasn’t seen the Wizard of Oz. Remember at the end of the movie, when Dorothy, and the Lion, and the Tin Man are going towards the castle and they’re there to meet the great, powerful Oz, because he can give them answers to their problems. Remember they go into the castle, and they hear all this noise and the lights are flashing and the curtains open up and it’s just this old guy there, with a bunch of levers and lights and noise and it makes him sound like something he’s not. He’s just a guy.

So, that’s kind of the state of affairs in Michigan in terms of people advertising for automobile accident litigation attorneys. Anyone can say that they are and if they have the money they can blow up their picture and their name, but what they don’t have is, some of them, most of them, have nothing behind that. So that’s why we say The Wizard of Oz.

The purpose of this video, and it’s just one of four parts is to compare our firm, if you choose our personal injury firm, with other firms. But you need to ask four questions of any lawyer that you’re interviewing for your automobile accident case. So this is the first. If you don’t mind, look at the others. They’re each shorter than this, but they will be very valuable to you in your search for a lawyer.