Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Attorney – Part 5

Question: How do you get the majority of your work?

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The last question I think that is fair to ask, and again, it’s common sense is, now you have a lawyer that limits their practice, that’s tried cases, that’s done well. I think a fair question to ask is, how do you get the majority of your work? Why do I suggest that?

In Michigan, if a lawyer sends me a case they get a percentage of my fee. It’s not your portion of the case. Lawyers work generally on a one-third of recovery. You pay nothing if you don’t have a recovery. Out of that third, I give a percentage to the lawyer that sends me the case. It’s perfectly ethical.

That’s how lawyers look forward to referring cases to lawyers because they get a percentage of the fee. So, knowing that, and again just so you’re sure. I’m sure you understand. It doesn’t cost you anything. It comes out of our portion of the case, our one-third.

But why is it important that a majority of our auto accident cases come from other lawyers? Well the lawyers in our community know who the better lawyers are. So if they’re sending the cases to us, they’re sending the cases to us because they know, that they’re going to get a higher percentage, a higher dollar amount, by sending their cases to us than to other auto accident  lawyers.

So, the lawyers know who the good lawyers are. If you want to have surgery, you generally are going to go to your family practice doctor. He or she will send you to the right doctor, because he or she knows who the good doctors are, they are going to take care of you.

A lot of times, the family lawyers are the ones that send me the personal injury case. The reason they want to send it to me, I would hope and would think because it’s common sense, is because they can send it to anybody else, they send it to us because they think that they can make more money.

So it’s a reaffirmation that you have made the right choice if you find a lawyer who gets the majority of their cases from other lawyers in the community.

Again, it’s just common sense. The majority of our cases come to us by way of referral from other lawyers in our community. We’re very proud of that fact, and we think that’s a vote of confidence in this firm.