Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Attorney – Part 3

Question: Do you try cases?

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The second question I think you want to ask a lawyer that you’re looking at to hire for you serious injury or God forbid, a wrongful death case is, do you try cases?

Now, it’s a little bit counter-intuitive because a lot of people don’t want to try their cases. When I’m interviewing people and the issue of settlement or trial comes up, very often they’ll say, well, we don’t want to go to court on this.

So first of all, you should know that in excess of 90% of personal injury cases settle before they go to trial. But you should also know that the lawyers that try cases, doesn’t have to be your case and it doesn’t have to be every case, but the lawyers that occasionally try a case keep the insurance companies honest. Why do I say that?

Adjusters for insurance companies, their job is to pay as little as possible on every case that comes before them. I mean that’s their job. My job is to maximum your recovery. Their job is to minimize your recovery.

So assume now you’ve hired a auto accident attorney and the other side, the insurance company, knows that attorney has never tried an automobile accident case. The answer is obvious and it’s just common sense. They know that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, the last number that they put on the table, that lawyer is going to take because they’ve never taken them to the mat. They’ve never tried a lawsuit.

In an automobile accident case, that’s a terrible detriment to the plaintiff who’s hired that lawyer, and it just makes common sense. Juries keep insurance companies honest. Some auto accident lawyers will never take a case to a jury. Insurance companies are going to take advantage of that fact.

If you hire a lawyer that’s tried cases and done well even though your case doesn’t go to trial, you get a significant benefit from that in your particular auto accident case. It’s common sense.