Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Attorney – Part 4

Question: When you’ve tried cases, how have you done?

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So, here is the next question you want to ask when you’re interviewing auto accident lawyers. You’ve found a lawyer that limits their practice to personal injury cases. You’ve found a lawyer that occasionally tries cases. The next common sense question is, how have you done?

That’s important, because that same adjuster knows that. They go to the web or they talk to other adjusters, and they know the lawyers that try cases. They know the auto accident lawyers that do well when they take a case to trial. So that’s why we included in our, one section of our main website, our settlements and verdicts. It’s not to brag, believe me, it’s information that you should have, and it’s good information, and we’re proud of the information contained in that portion of our website.

It’s just common sense. Hopefully the lawyer that you hire limits their practice, has tried cases and when they’ve tried cases has done very well. Again that benefits you in your settlement. Doesn’t mean you have to try your case but it does mean that your settlement is going to be enhanced as a result of the reputation of the lawyer that you’ve hired.