If you, your friend or someone you know in your family has been in a bad car accident , you probably want to know what it is that you are entitled to receive as benefits from this accident.

Unfortunately you will not get this information from your auto insurance company and the insurance company for the owner of the other car won’t even tell you how much insurance coverage there is. For you to be able to navigate this on your own, it is virtually impossible.

St. Clair Shores Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Insurance Claims

Everyone from the adjusters handing the claim on behalf of the insurance company to the investigators that they hire, are set up for the purpose of preventing you from obtaining what your claim is worth.

Insurance companies, on a regular basis now, are sending out videotaping crews to follow you. They’re sending out people to investigate social media. They are not going to be your friend.

In order for you to have a claim paid for what it’s worth from the beginning to the end, you need to contact an attorney that specializes in auto law. We know this area of the law and we know it very well, and we are willing to help you in pursuing these insurance claims.

The first thing you need to understand is that the insurance company is not going to be your friend. You need to have an auto accident attorney that knows what they’re doing in these areas to properly prepare the claim for you and advise you of what is going to happen. If you believe.your insurance company, or the insurance company for the driver of the other car is going to be your friend, they have already taken a step up on winning the claim.

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